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Course + Hole Set Up 


Hole 13, Fairway A


Hole 13, Fairway B


Hole 13, Green

Here's an example of a Par 5 (The Gulf Club, Hole 13), incuding 2 Fairway Cards and 1 Green Card. 

Par 3 = 0 Fairway Cards, 1 Green Card

Par 4 = 1 Fairway Card, 1 Green Card

Par 5 = 2 Fairway Cards, 1 Green Card


Shot Lies Card


Yardage Book

  1. Place Shot Coin on your lie. Tee shots are Fairway Lies. 

  2. Place Aim Coin on the Rangefinder at the specific point you are aiming at the upcoming course card. 

  3. Roll all 4 shot dice together to determine if the shot is on target, or missed long, short, left, or right. 

  4. Determine where your shot lands and move your Shot Coin to it's new lie for your next shot. 

*After rolling, if your shot lands OUTSIDE of the grid it is Out of Bounds.

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