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The Best Golf Game. Period. 

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Ages 5+ (if you can roll dice you can play!)

1-6 players recommended, with team events suggested for larger groups

Playtime depends on the size of group; playing 18 holes alone takes about 30 minutes, but can vary depending on your skill ( or luck...)

If you love golf, table games, or both - Fore's Wild is the game for you!

Golfers combine luck and skill to go low - Play it safe or roll the dice, the choice is yours!

The Fore's Wild Starter Pack includes everything you need to hit the links including both Bluemount and Tallgrass golf course decks, dice, scorepads, rule book, and player aids. 


The Courses

Bluemount - Par 70

Tallgrass - Par 72

The Gulf Club - Par 72

The Dunes - Par 71

Deer Run - Par 69

+ More to come! 

Manage a golf course that would like to be featured in Fore's Wild with your own deck? Let me know and we can make it happen!

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